Introducing the latest addition to Bruggan’s Multicolor decking board collection: Sand

WPC decking Bruggan Multicolor Sand

Bruggan continually expands its collection of decking boards to offer a unique color palette for every season. For this season, Bruggan has introduced Multicolor full-bodied decking boards in the warm and natural Sand color. This shade is a universal color that can be combined with both warm and cold tones, making it easy to match with various colors of textiles, accessories, and furniture.

The sand color exudes a sense of peace and comfort, reminiscent of a relaxing day at the beach. This shade is also versatile, as it pairs harmoniously with bright colors, pastel shades, and greenery. By choosing a sand-colored terrace, you can seamlessly blend your interior and exterior spaces.

Bruggan’s premium decking board is environmentally friendly and durable. Their innovative production technology ensures that the decking board looks and feels natural without contributing to deforestation. The Multicolor line is particularly popular for high-traffic areas, as it is heavy-duty and can withstand enormous loads. Its natural wood pattern makes it easy to care for, and it can be easily restored with sandpaper if any stains occur.