We distribute ventilated facades

Hinged ventilated facade – is multilayer construction made from various materials, which is attached to the load-bearing walls of buildings. Installation of the ventilated facades is an up-to-date method to decorate new buildings and restore old ones.

Such facade fulfills a number of the following functions:

Between a wall and a cladding layer there is 15mm air gap, which removes condensation from the wall and allows the building to “breathe”. The hinged facade protects the construction from unfavorable atmospheric effects, including acid rains. Such a facade is easy to maintain: it is enough to water it with a hose under a big pressure from time to time to make it like new.


WoodPlast Company distributes hinged facade systems of its own production, which fit any type of finishing materials. Our ventilated facade is a guiding and a bracket connected by an additional element that compensates warps and can be adjusted in a wide range.

Installation of ventilated facades can be carried out on buildings no higher than 150 meters. Fire-technical parameters of our facades give an opportunity to use them on the buildings for various purposes. Their service life is 30 years. Anodic coating extends it up to 50 years.

Our company specialists install the facade systems in accordance with requirements of standards and technical regulations. We invite construction companies to cooperate.

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