Wood-polymer composite (WPC)  is the best available solution for terrace systems, decoration of swimming pool perimeters, garden paths, large landscape objects and fences.

We, at WOODPLAST keep up with the times and work exclusively with the new generation materials, such as ™Bruggan and ™Legro systems. The high quality of our products and services is our trademark, reputation, and the key to the successful business development and fulfillment of the company mission at the highest level!


14 years ago, when we had appeared on the Ukrainian decking market and were one of the first in the CIS, the industry was just getting acquainted with the wood-polymer composites (WPC).

The first generation of decking boards made of composite materials was introduced by Terranson (China). This very board was the main material used for the construction of the first WPC decks worldwide. Incidentally, we have recently made our own video overview of this board.

This decking board had quite a high density of about 1.6 g per cm3, and could withstand heavy loads. However, at the time, the wood texture was applied to the board with a hot roll over the finished board, which did not achieve deep embossing. Such a board could withstand basic household loads, but with intensive use the wood texture would wear away and some “bald spots” appeared on the deck.


A new generation of the WPC materials came out only several years ago: high aesthetics, natural appearance, and authentic wood texture had been added to the high density characteristics and ability to withstand heavy loads.

The board became of a more niche purpose material. For instance, Legro Ultra NaturaleWPC ( (manufactured in Hungary) is the “starred” board for those who recognize luxury for its exquisite polish gloss and want to be confident that their deck is 100% resistent t to fading and stains. The top layer of the Legro Ultra Naturale WPC is treated by using the “co-extrusion” technology: polymer is applied to the surface of the board, which does not allow sunlight or household pollution to get through the “body” of the material. The surface of the board becomes smooth, easy to clean and has a pleasant matte sheen.

Bruggan (Belgium) produces own innovative materials, such as MultiColor и Elegant Light 3D, which closely resemble natural wood. Elegant Light 3D board has such a naturalistic feel of the texture that it is virtually indistinguishable from a wooden board. This is achieved by the use of the special hot rolling method, as the board leaves the oven, the hot roll makes indentations on its surface, giving the board a 3-D wooden texture effect. Such a board is very similar to natural wood and deep dirt is easily polished off its surface with fine sandpaper.

The embossing design of the innovative MultiColor board is so realistic that a year-old tree rings are visible on the cross section of the board. The use of patented technology and bicolor gives this solid board a very natural wooden look. The board easily withstands up to 50 renewal polishing cycles with fine sandpaper, while maintaining 100% of its appearance and texture throughout the entire width of the board!


– The basic WPC composition formula is 60% of wood powder + 35% of polymers and 5% of binding ingredients, which are the additives responsible for the high durability and other heavy-duty properties of the board.

– It is important to know that the composition of the wood powder can vary and the properties of the board largely depend on it. It is not a secret that some unscrupulous manufacturers offer cheap WPC products by substituting wood powder with buckwheat and oat hulls as well as bamboo particles, often to quite noticeable detriment of quality of their boards.