Terrace board

There are several types of WPC decking boards and, depending on the place and conditions of its applying, you can choose a composite decking board with a required set of properties...

Terrace board from wood-polymer composite

If you appreciate the balance of comfort and naturalness, choose Bruggan® deckingTerrace board Legro® is an excellent solution for any vertical structures. Unideck®, the Ukrainian brand of terrace boards, is a proven “classic” without unnecessary details.

WPC terrace board applications

You can buy composite decking boards for the terrace nearby the house, the area around pools and ponds, on the pier, for the construction of gazebos, garden paths and on the roofs.

In addition, composite decking is an excellent material for fences and stairs.

How to choose a high quality WPC terrace board in 10 minutes?

Following a few simple rules, you can choose a high quality terrace board before buying:

  1. The weight of a high quality composite decking board must be at least 3 kg/r.m.
  2. The terrace board must have perfect geometry and not crumble.
  3. Dirt stains must be removed from the decking surface keeping its appearance without changes.

Where to buy WPC terrace board?

Our partners in Ukraine and European countries will select composite deck boards that are most suitable for your project and arrange their quick assembly in accordance with all rules.

In Europe, you can purchase composite deck brands Bruggan®, Legro® and Unideck® in Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Latvia and Lithuania.

Warranty for the terrace board

WOODPLAST provides a full warranty applied up to 25 years for the entire terrace and facade board, available at our authorized dealers in all countries where our branch offices are located.

Terrace board wholesale

If you are planning a large-scale construction, you can buy a terrace board in bulk. For this, please, contact any of our partners in Ukraine and find out special terms.