Terrace board

террасная доска


Due to their structure and composition, the WOODPLAST terrace boards withstand the most adverse weather conditions and heavy duty use without any significant wear and tear. Even in crowded places with big numbers of people constantly moving up and down the deck, the WPC terrace boards retain their qualities and excellent shape. This material can be installed on just about any surface perfectly. It is ideal for areas where it frequently rains, such as coastal decks, as well as the areas around pools and decorative ponds. The WPC terrace boards do not deteriorate from moisture and create convenient access to water. They are slip-resistant due to their special pattern, making recreation time near pools even more enjoyable. When walking barefoot on the wooden coating, it is very possible to get a splinter, whereas with the WPC floors, such a situation will definitely never happen. Our decking boards are made of premium quality innovative materials with unique and safe properties. The installation takes a very short time, yet its service life is incredibly long.

The use of natural wood for construction of terraces is justified only if high quality decking planks are used. Decking planks are made exclusively of finewoods and special techniques are applied during their processing.

It is a beautiful and quite strong material, but it is also very expensive. Moreover, decking plank terraces need to be occasionally repainted and refinished, as part of their maintenance. The WPC decks lack all the disadvantages of natural wood and are superior in terms of their performance properties. It is no wonder that the WPC is called “the liquid wood”. But unlike the natural wood, the WPC is fire and decay-proof as well as UV and mold resistant. The surface of the WPC board does not require additional finishing; its service life is practically unlimited even under severe climatic conditions.

The WPC boards contain no harmful substances or toxic poisons. They are composed of environmentally friendly wood filler (50-60% of the total mass) and binder polymer (polypropylene or polyvinyl chloride), a small amount of color pigments, UV stabilizers, and a few other safe and non-hazardous components. The terrace boards sold exclusively by specialized vendors allow for the creation of coatings that do not differ in appearance from those made of natural wood, but are much stronger and more durable. The WPC board is produced with either one or two front sides, the surface of which can be either smooth or corrugated. Because of this material’s anti-slip surface, it is excellent for outdoor terraces and patios, roofs and gazebos, as well as the areas around pools.

It is also important that the WPC terrace board is processed in the same way as the natural wood, so it can be sawed, planed off, drilled, etc. Self-tapping screws and special clips are used to mount the board. The WPC board can be slightly higher priced than the low grade natural wood board, but overall the operational costs are more affordable as the WPC board does not require additional finishing and/or annual repairs/maintenance.