The new color of the terrace board Bruggan Multicolor – Sand

Each season, Bruggan expands the color palette in its collections so that anyone can find a unique shade for their own terrace.

This season Bruggan has created Multicolor full-bodied decking boards in the Sand color.

Sand universal shade, stepping on which you will immediately experience a pleasant sensation. Light, warm and natural, it is combined with almost all tones: warm or cold.

WPC decking Bruggan Multicolor Sand

For a terrace in Sand color, you can choose any combination, depending on your imagination and love for experiments.

Sandy will look perfect with bright colors of textiles, accessories or furniture and will also blend harmoniously with pastel shades.

The sand color harmonizes very well with any greenery, so your terrace or veranda, the space near the pool can be refreshed with trees, plants or bouquets of flowers.

The whole secret is that Sand is associated with peace and comfort. After all, we immediately imagine a beach, sea surf and a hot summer day when we see the warm shade of sand.

WPC decking Bruggan Multicolor Sand

We know that designers spend a lot of time and effort to ensure that the interior of your home flows seamlessly into the exterior. Today, in world trends, when the flooring inside the house is complemented by the same shade of the terrace.

That is why Sand appeared. It matches perfectly with beech, oak and teak parquet. Therefore, if you want to create a single color scheme for the interior and exterior, then choose the sand shade for the terrace.

WPC decking Bruggan Multicolor Sand

Bruggan is a premium decking board.

Extremely durable and environmentally friendly. Thanks to the innovative technology of its production, you save the planet from additional felling of trees and at the same time your terrace looks as natural as possible: visually and tactilely.

The Multicolor line is the most popular composite decking board.

It is heavy-duty and can withstand enormous loads, so it is often chosen for places with high traffic.

It faithfully conveys the feeling of natural wood underfoot due to the pattern of the rings of a one-year-old tree in the entire thickness of the board.

It is easy to care for her, while not wasting time at all on updating her at the beginning of the season.

It is easily restored after any stains with sandpaper.

WPC decking Bruggan Multicolor Sand

Terrace board Bruggan Multicolor is certified in Europe and meets all quality standards.

The financial guarantee for the composite terrace board Multicolor is 25 years.