Cooperation with Woodplast – comfortable terms for partners

Support in negotiations with clients

Almost 20 years experience of work with Woodplast partners. Therefore, our cooperation and terms are comfortable to the maximum to make Bruggan composite the most popular one for terraces in Europe.

Thinking of a terrace – remember of Bruggan terrace board

Today we are telling in details  which terms we offer to our partners, to make everyone sure that cooperation  with Woodplast is the most comfortable in the market of composite terrace systems.

Firstly, we have the most modern laboratory where we test each lot of a terrace board and its accessories

Besides testing which Bruggan is conducting by themselves on each stage of production, we test it additionally after delivering to our warehouse.

This allows us to be confident in the decking and components offered to our partners, and, thus, to the final consumer.

Secondly, a financial warranty for all Bruggan Woodplast terrace and facade board

We personally guarantee that your terrace will serve for decades without additional care. Therefore, we provide from 15 to 25 years of warranty, fixing these obligations in the warranty certificate, which is mandatory for each buyer of a terrace board.

We are the only company that provides a financial guarantee for decking.

Thirdly, we provide our partners with marketing abilities

ЦThese are stands and samples of decking boards, printed and online catalogs, booklets, flyers, assembly notes and others.

We are ready to make a visualization for your website, social networks or advertising campaigns.

And, which is the most important, partners can receive all marketing materials in English, German, Polish, Ukrainian and other languages upon request.

Our Youtube channel, where we post videos and expert reviews, crash tests of decking samples, is available to each of our partners.

Marketing support

Fourthly, Woodplast specialists can draw up drafts, calculations of the object and its visualization

So, the client can immediately imagine how his terrace or the space around the pool will look like in different textures and colors of the Bruggan terrace board. This greatly helps in decision making.

Fifthly, we are ready to join the partner's team during negotiations in any part of the world

Big  projects sometimes need more attention, so our experts can be helpful online or offline.

We are also always happy to participate in any events: master classes, exhibitions, conferences for designers or architects.

And finally, our special bonuses and prices for partners are another weighty argument for your business

We necessarily sign a dealer agreement with everyone who wishes to cooperate with Woodplast. And it states that we do not work with the end client in any way. Also, all the conditions for cooperation are detailed, including numbers.

Details how to become Woodplast partners can be found on our website https://woodplast.com/en/sotrudnichestvo/.