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Steps from WPC is a style and comfort




Luxurious steps leading to the terrace or the mansion entrance, internal compact staircase, a passage to the pool or a drop decor in the landscape of the adjacent area: a terrace board is the best solution of any of those tasks which you can use to create beautiful and functional constructions.

Steps and staircase are also the decorative elements of the architecture, where maximum safety takes the first place. In addition to the requirements to optimal color palette, facture, and environmental friendliness of the material, the experts put forward advanced tasks to reliability, durability, and anti-slip properties. The finished construction must become the top of elegancy and guaranteed durability.

Neither cold ceramics, nor natural wood can cope with these tasks as well as wood-polymer composite (WPC).




WPC is the basis for terrace board. In our articles, we tell a lot that this innovative European technology is created in the spirit of the “Think green!” as shredded waste from wood production, and recycled plastic together with stabilizers are used for its production. But when the steps are installed, you will enjoy using them every day. At home or outside.

Inside, this material does not collect dust and easily can be washed. Your children can paint pictures on it with paints and markers, and run barefoot. To clean the evidences of creative work it will be enough just to use warm soapy water.

Staircase to the terrace will visually continue color-facture composition of the facade and floor decking. Thanks to its high durability, WPC is also perfect for indoor use.




Water resistant surface from a terrace board is optimal for pool zone or a set of paths in the garden where frequent watering is provided as in summer we love walking barefoot. First, along the lawn, then the path to the gazebo or to the house.

elect the shade of the steps from Bruggan Elegant Light 3D to match the look of interior or exterior. Which of these will best compliment interior or exterior of your house:

  • - Brown-red shade Winebrown (burgundy)
  • - Copper, or
  • - Graphite?
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