Ten Great Ideas for Wood Plastic Composite Board Application

Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) is a relatively new material which possesses superior properties and has many potential uses. The demand for WPC has been growing in recent years and new and interesting applications are being adapted. The flexibility of production methods and its durability open the possibilities for new markets. WPC is eco-friendly, recyclable and an excellent alternative to natural wood.

WPC is a composite material. It consists of waste wood fibers and thermoplastics, which are compounded above the melting temperature of the thermoplastic polymers, and processed further to manufacture different types of WPC products.

Certain additives, such as colorants, as well as reinforcing agents, and lubricants can be added in order to attain a higher level of specification for the intended products’ use. Because of the material’s unique ingredient composition, WPC can be molded into a wide array of shapes and dimensions, including arched and bent shapes. There is a wide range of uses and applications of WPC boards in outdoor decks, railings, fences, cladding, park benches, outdoor landscapes, etc.

Outdoor decks and furniture

WPC is widely used for construction of outdoor decks, patios, furniture, and even pet houses due to its superb ability to endure the effects of sunlight, heat, moisture and cold. With WPC you don’t have to worry about annual refinishing and repainting.

Indoor furniture

WPC is also an excellent material to be used in the interior areas for making various furniture items such as wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, interior partitions, bathroom vanities and even indoor room ceilings.

Wall cladding

WPC wall cladding is a great way to decorate, finish, and protect any outdoor constructions or buildings. This material offers the feel, look, quality and characteristics of natural wood, but at the same time is significantly more durable and environmentally friendly.

Railing and fencing

WPC is an eco-friendly substitute for wood.  WPC railings and fences look very much like natural wood, but entail fewer problems usually associated with the proper maintenance of timber. No painting, finishing or staining is required. Low maintenance costs, high durability, long-term sustainability and weather resistance make WPC the best choice for your beautiful garden or backyard!


Pergolas and gazebos

WPC board is a perfect material for pergolas, gazebos and elevation features such as building outlines, porches and steps. Its lightweight sections advantageously replace heavy steel frames or wood which require regular maintenance and painting to avoid deterioration from exposure to weather or corrosion.

Children’s playgrounds

Although WPC is not very suitable for structural use, it is an outstanding siding material that adds real amusement to children’s play areas. Kids will definitely be safer and will enjoy playing on the playgrounds made of WPC because it does not warp or splinter.

Decorative Board

WPC is a superior material for outdoor decorative materials. It does not rot, withstands extreme weather, and looks aesthetically pleasing. WPC offers the appearance of natural timber and the benefits of long lasting beauty with minimal maintenance.

Swimming pool decking

WPC is an excellent choice for swimming pool decking. The composition of the material results in its high water resistance. The unique texture and grainy surface makes your WPC covered swimming pool area extremely slip resistant. On top of that, the material itself is available in a variety of different colors without any required painting work. And as mentioned so many times earlier, it does it need costly constant maintenance. 

Balconies and terraces

As an outdoor extension of indoor space, your balcony or terrace is the area with the best lighting and fresh air. These are the best spots for people to enjoy the sunshine and grow plants or hold improvised gatherings of friends. In fact, the balcony can also be used as an outdoor living room, a romantic dining room and even an exclusive hanging garden, given some elaborate design and reconstruction. Not to mention that installation of star lights for creating tasteful illumination and cozy atmosphere on your balcony or terrace is much easier on the WPC board than on virtually any other material.   


Last but not least, flooring. WPC is great for any kind of flooring. It is a barefoot friendly, pleasant to touch, slip-resistant and easy to clean material. So, if you love walking barefoot on your floor and want a warm, safe, and cozy surface for your children to play on, do not hesitate and choose WPC.