Socially responsible business is run by socially responsible people. Life values and the level of professionalism of the team determine the vector of a company’s development.

The WOODPLAST Teamendorses the values of respect and care for nature. We believe that all of humanity should be really concerned about Climate Change and its consequences. However, not all of us associate the approaching and already current environmental disasters with our daily choices of various materials: from detergents to building materials. The issues of uncontrolled deforestation and overproduction of plastic must not be ignored by us: sooner or later they will influence our health and the longevity of our families.

thinking green

For example, in 2019, the level of deforestation in the world reached 26 million hectares a year. Over the last 5 years deforestation has increased by 43%. The forest cover the size of the United Kingdom is destroyed on the planet every year.

When it comes to plastic, very soon there is going to be more of it in the World Ocean than fish, environmentalists joke sadly. According to their forecasts, this will happen by 2050. Every year plastic materials kill up to 1 million of sea and ocean creatures.

thinking green

At WOODPLAST we strive to maintain the ecological balance of the planet.

The Premium Legro and Bruggan terrace boards, which our company officially represents in Ukraine, is a high-quality innovative product. The production of the WPC terrace board does not require additional deforestation and/or use of newly manufactured plastics.

The WPC manufacturing components are hardwood powder, low density polyethylene and stabilizers made by the German manufacturer BASF. The hardwood powder is just shredded sawdust and other wood residual waste; whereas the polymer additives are produced from recycled plastics only.

By using Bruggan and Legro decking boards in construction and for landscaping, you are choosing practicality and durability. But more importantly, you are contributing to the worldwide “green” movement for the health of the Earth.

These materials have the texture of natural wood and are highly resistant to aggressive external environments. It is incredibly easy to take care of this surface. Unlike the natural wood board, Legro and Bruggan terrace boards do not require daily care with oils and special chemicals. Occasional wet cleaning with soapy water is more than enough. These boards are resistant to most external effects:

composite decking

Responsible consumption today lays the foundation for the lives of future generations.

Think GREEN!