Why to choose terrace board Woodplast?

composite decking

not slippery

Does not require special care

resistant to mold

Mold resistant

resistant to mold

Invisible mounting hardware/fixtures

invisible fixation

Decay and deformation resistant

does not rot and warp

Water and stain resistant

water and stain resistant

Benefits wood right

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composite decking big objects


composite decking terraces


composite decking big objects


composite decking terraces


composite decking terraces


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Wood-polymer composite (WPC) terrace board is innovative wood that has all the advantages of natural wood, but is devoid of its disadvantages when used outdoors without any additional processing…

Composite decking from WOODPLAST®

So what is a WPC? This is a composite material in which natural wood fibers act as a reinforcing element, and thermo polymers act as a binding matrix, which protect against aggressive environmental factors.

WPC contains: 60% wood, 35% polymers and 5% special additives.

Special additives give the terrace board resistance to ultraviolet, moisture, mold and fungus, and also make it more durable and stronger than any natural analogue. But at the same time, wood remains the main component of the decking board.

Visually, a composite wooden board is difficult to distinguish from natural wood. The new generation of composite decking conveys not only the texture, but also the variety of wood color shades. This is no longer a monochromatic coating, in which its artificial origin is easily seen.

In addition, WPC composite decking does not require expensive annual and time-consuming maintenance. It does not need to be facelifted every season, i.e. varnished or conditioned with special products.

Composite wood decking can be used for terraces, porches, patios, balconies, rooftops and garden paths. WPC terrace board is an excellent solution for areas around swimming pools and artificial reservoirs, piers, raised floors and summer playgrounds for cafés and restaurants. It is also used for facades of houses, fences around building, etc.


Financial guarantee for the composite deck boards

WOODPLAST provides a full warranty applies up to 25 years for the entire terrace and facade board, purchased from our authorized dealers in all countries where our company has a branch office.

Each buyer of the terrace board receives a Warranty Card from WOODPLAST®, regardless of which official partner he bought a terrace board from: Bruggan®, Legro® or Unideck®.

More than 15 years experience with terrace board

WOODPLAST – the founder of the market and the biggest importer of composite terrace and facade systems since 2006. Our offices are located in several countries in the CIS and the EU.

We know everything about decking, installation and maintenance. Our specialists consult dozens of assembly teams and clients every day.

The WOODPLAST portfolio includes a number of landmark public, commercial and private properties in several countries around the world.

Full service: from project to completion

WOODPLAST builds individual relationships with each dealer and customer.

How to choose quality decking board? Which decking board is right for your terrace, pool area, pergola or porch? Which installation system will ensure the durability and reliability of your terrace?

We are ready to provide detailed expert answers to all these questions. In addition, our design engineers will lay out the material on site to minimize decking consumption during the installation. They will advise on the type of installation subsystem that is most suitable for your project. We will help you decide on the color, design and construction of your terrace. We will provide detailed instructions on how to properly care for the terrace board so that it retains its original appearance for many years.

Furthermore, we provide our dealers with full marketing support, installation supervision, joint participation in tenders for the purchase of terrace board, training in sales techniques and fair pricing systems, and, most importantly, terrace and facade boards that meet the highest international quality standards.

You can buy WPC composite terrace board from the official partners of WOODPLAST in Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands.

WOODPLAST® – with us It is profitable and reliable!