Is a composite decking safe?

Terrace board near the pool - Children, joy

When choosing a covering for a home, we pay our special attention to safety.

As this is not just a comfortable terrace, gazebo or space around the pool – it is a general place for the rest. Here, in summer, will always be a lot of people: your family, your friends and guests, and also your pets around. A terrace should be not only beautiful and comfortable, but also absolutely safe for the whole environment.

Old wooden terrace

Firstly, everyone fixes eyes on the wood

As when we hear “wood”, we imagine  naturalness, environmental friendliness, quality.

Yes, wood is almost the best choice for covering. But there is one weighty “but”- wood, despite all its advantages in open space, has a huge disadvantage. It demands special care, because, as time goes by, it becomes dangerous.

Wood quickly cracks and splits due to intense heat, swells and slips due to moisture. And because of constant temperature changes, a fungus or insects can appear on the wooden floor.

Each season, your terrace or porch will need to be treated, impregnated, and varnished to make it look beautiful and be as safe as possible for everyone.

Another additional minus of a wooden coating is that it is combustible. That means that a piece of coal accidentally fallen from the barbecue can quickly destroy your terrace.

Terrace tiles

Stone or tile

It has its advantages in durability and wear resistance. But, if we talk about safety, there are also significant drawbacks.

First, tiles and stone are slippery, especially if there is a pool or other source of moisture nearby.

Secondly, they are very cold when it is cool and heat up to the maximum when it is sunny, so you are unlikely to let your child play on the stone floor for hours.

And, finally, if a baby and an adult falls on a stone or tile, it is very painful.

Terrace board for the pool Bruggan Multicolor Wenge

A terrace composite board

An innovative material, adapted at most for covering in open areas, was created precisely to ensure that maintenance of the terrace is minimal, and the safety on the composite floor is of the highest level.

Firstly, the terrace board is non-slip, so it can be safely used for the space around or close to the pool.

Secondly, the composite does not dry out and does not crack, and you also do not risk getting a splinter.

Even in hot weather, a terrace board maintains a comfortable coating temperature as much as possible, unlike tiles or stone.

The composite does not support combustion. So even if your barbecue is nearby, or someone drops a cigarette butt, you will not lose a whole terrace. In addition, a terrace board can be easily restored (for example, if it is a full-bodied Bruggan Multicolor composite).

And finally. A composite decking, like other materials, can be of poor quality. These are budget options that the manufacturer saves a lot on, and they can also be dangerous. For example, when heated in the sun, low-quality decking starts to stink. And this is not only an unpleasant smell, but also safety, because the composition of such a board includes harmful components.

Woodplast offers only high-quality Bruggan decking, which is distinguished by high quality material and product testing at all stages of production. It is absolutely safe and environmentally friendly.

The board of the Multicolor and Elegant Light 3D collections is the safest terrace for you, your family and children. 

An important reason in favor of Bruggan is a financial guarantee.

For the Elegant Light 3D collection, it is a 15 years guarantee.

For the Multicolor collection – a  25 years guarantee.