Paths in landscape design

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The shady lawns and winter gazebos, the pool, the outdoor shower, the barbecue zone, the pathway to the garden or the lawn where you like to do yoga in the rays of the rising sun… the backyard architecture – all of that is the territory of your freedom.

Good zoning involves solving two main tasks:

And it is not just a mere association: the pathways are the items of especially careful consideration when it comes to the layout. One must strike a design balance between the comfortable pathways across the territory on the one hand, and the aesthetics of the materials and their durability on the other.

Neither stone, nor wood, nor concrete are optimal choices for the garden pathways or pool area skirting.

None of these materials can withstand the presence of constant moisture from soil, open water from the pool or daily watering of the adjoining lawn. Stone will erode over time, concrete will begin cracking and wood will lose its aesthetics and deteriorate from the moisture.

The Bruggan Elegant Light 3D terrace board WILL maintain its appearance and resistance to external influences for many years.

It is easy to wash off dust and dirt with water. It is pleasant to walk barefoot along the lawn pathways surrounded by beautiful landscape, feeling the texture of natural wood under your feet. You will experience all that with the pathways made of WPC. The terrace board is a super durable and environmentally friendly material. It is resistant to water, elegant and matches perfectly the colors of the greenery and the trees, the alpine hills and the decorative flower fields.

The WPC decking board has no worthy competitors.

Select the perfect color shade of the Bruggan Elegant Light 3D terrace board to match the facade of your house and the adjacent areas. Some of the recommended choices are Burgundy, Copper and Graphite.