Family dinner at the patio

патио из террасной доски

Summer and sunset… Light and cool evening breeze on the terrace near the pool. Soft pleasant music, children’s voices and an impromptu cocktail bar with soft drinks where the bartender is an old family friend. He is improvising with syrups in ice-latte and lemonade recipes, doing simple bartending tricks with bottles and glasses on a reliable deck,not worrying about the spilled drops.

Your patio comes alive when guests are in the house. And you are the embodiment of hospitality!

On the table there are snow white tablecloths and delicious snacks. There are several generations sitting at the table. You can hear cozy family chit-chat : anecdotes, plans for the holidays, talks about raising children and admiration of the beautiful terrace.

The female guests are dressed in casual evening attire and weightless summer shoes on high heels or more exquisite stilettos. A mandatory family photo for the archive or maybe even for social networks. Adults are keeping an eye on the children dressed up for dinner but still barefoot, glowing toy ships in the pool. The atmosphere is so easy and safe as the poolside deck surface is not slippery at all, despite the many water drops and splashes on it!

Your Bruggan Multicolor patio from WOODPLAST effortlessly withstands thousands of heel prints of women’s shoes and heating up dancing rhythms of the ongoing party. And even the barbecue coal ash that has accidentally flown from the cooking zone, will not do any damage to your elegant veranda.

At such moments, while standing nearby, you will probably recollect how you created this place. How many sketches you looked through, how many recommendations you took before we met you and spoke the same language – the language of beauty and practicality.

Similar projects are some of the brightest, pleasant, and important memories. Designing your own house is usually an epic occurrence. We’ve built it once and forever. We’ve designed the careful synchronization of space and created a spot for relaxation and comfort for many years to come.

And the patio in your own house is a long awaited “cherry on the cake”.

It has long become dark outside. The guests are starting to leave. Now, in silence, alone with a cool mint mojito you are enjoying the minutes of solitude…

And you may be 100% sure that your veranda made from theBruggan Multicolor board will gift you many more lovely and unforgettable summer evenings.

The high aesthetics of the Bruggan board and the European quality of the materials will guarantee your patio decades of maximum functionality!