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The quality and unique properties of the composite floorboards did not go unnoticed by the worldwide construction industry. The Wood-Polymer Composite (WPC) systems found their admirers very quickly. That trend has taken off due to the high quality of the materials used and its outstanding appearance. The WPC floorboard became a worthy alternative to natural wood. Wood boards require special processing, they react poorly to forces of nature, they are more susceptible to decay, cracking, and drying out. It is also necessary to occasionally paint wood with special paints. If mold or insects infest the wooden floor, only a complete replacement of the coating will help. Such consequences are not a threat to the WPC floorboard.

The most durable and weather-resistant finishing material is the Wood-Polymer Composite (WPC) board , which, among other things, has excellent soundproofing properties. Regardless of what you are going to build – a mansion, a country house, or a regular house – the WPC floorboard will be your most optimal solution in terms of the quality-to-price ratio.

The wood finish gives any room a special atmosphere of comfort and coziness. This material is used for making rafters, poles, garden parquet and moldings. There are several types of decking: fence, bench, facade, and terrace.

Terrace boards made of WPC are widely used in various fields of modern construction as a finishing material. In terms of the practicality, design, and price, it is considered to be the most optimal variant for arranging open areas, cottages, country houses, verandas and terraces: choosing the WPC terrace board over other materials simply means that you prefer a high-quality, durable and comfortable material over a mediocre one.

By its technical parameters, WPC is vastly more superior compared to other decking materials. It’s performance characteristics include environmental friendliness, easy maintenance, adaptability to various weather conditions and water resistance. The WPC floorboard is easy to mount with special fixtures. It is able to withstand temperatures of – 50 °C and loads up to 2000 kg/m2.

Because WPC contains a mixture of polymers and wood obtained by extrusion, it is capable of withstanding the effects of the most aggressive environments. Due to the special corrugated coating, the surface of the material is warp and slip resistant. Mold and decay do not develop in it as well. Having all the advantages, such as the practicality, optimal price and durability, the WPC floorboards have conquered the modern decking market long ago.

To acquire a high-quality floorboard in Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities at an affordable price is a dream of any homeowner. However, in order to make the right choice, special attention should be paid to how reputable the manufacturer/vendor is. WOODPLAST has specialized in the WPC floorboards since 2006. We offer only the most competitive prices and warranties.