Roof terrace. How to build it?

Roof terrace. How to build it?

Building a terrace on the roof of your house is a great opportunity to create additional outdoor space with amazing views. Enjoying sunny days or starry skies will be a priority option for all residents of the house and your guests.

We will tell you about all the benefits of roof terraces, how to make them safer and which decking board to choose for this.

Roof terrace. How to build it?

Terrace of a private house

In your house you can build whatever your heart desires. Any architecture and design, decor and plants according to your taste and budget.

But be sure to remember a few important things that will help make the space on the roof durable and comfortable.

Firstly, there must be a drain for water on the floor so that moisture does not stagnate after bad weather.

Secondly, in order to protect relatives and guests, you need to build a fence around the entire perimeter of the terrace. It can be both ordinary railings and decorative options, made of the same material as the terrace itself, or benches, or flowerpots. Choose according to your taste, but be sure to remember that it should be as safe as possible for others.

Thirdly, the most floor covering. For the space on the roof, it is important to choose a material that must be resistant to temperature changes, not soak, dry out and not fade in the sun. At the same time, it is ideal that it does not get very hot in the heat and does not slip.

Therefore, of all known coating materials, composite decking is the best choice.

As strong as possible, it can withstand heavy loads, so you can place any furniture and decor on your outdoor terrace. The composite will cope with temperature changes, while not cracking and drying out. It does not heat up in the sun, does not cool quickly and does not slip even after a heavy downpour.

And most importantly, the terrace board perfectly conveys the texture and shades of natural wood. But unlike him, it can serve for years without any care and special manipulations.

Roof terrace. How to build it?

Terrace on the roof of a residential building

It will become a favorite place for all residents, because an additional seating area on the roof is an opportunity not only to have a good time, but also to get to know your neighbors.

However, it is important to remember that in order to build it, you need the consent of everyone living in the house. Therefore, it is more difficult to do this than to create a similar terrace in your own house.

Having decided on this, it is important to remember the features of the plan.

Firstly, there are always many obstacles on the roof of apartment buildings in the form of hoods, antennas and Internet cables, air conditioning systems and the like, so you need to take all this into account for the design and architecture of your site.

Secondly, the roof in the city is additional noise and dust. And in order to feel as comfortable as possible on a spacious terrace, you need to take into account the protective structures against this and, possibly, additional landscaping of the territory.

Thirdly, waterproofing and safety (which we discussed above) must be at the highest level.

Roof terrace. How to build it?

And the last is the choice of coverage. Here, decking will also be the best choice, because all its advantages are much more significant than other roofing materials.

Note that you can choose between solid Bruggan Multicolor decking and Elegant hollow decking for your roof deck according to your preferences and budget.

But we are sure that any choice of Bruggan decking for your outdoor space will be a good one.

Recall that the financial guarantee for the terrace board Bruggan is from 15 to 25 years.