Your ideal country house

загородный дом

When we advertise how reliable, durable and beautiful our boards are, it simply means that with the help of our products and services you will fulfill any interior solution and make your deck near the outdoor pool look exactly like it does in a Hollywood movie, and it will become your entire family’s favorite vacation spot!

A smart design will let you use the deck for parties with friends and family, a playground for children, an aqua-zone and a relaxing area with a swing.

Feel free to place a small inflatable pool right on the deck and let the kids splash water all over it all they want! Children’s “finger floor decor” and fine art lessons with colorful markers on the deck will not cause any damage to it as well!

Play with your pets!

Install swings of any size and have unforgettable summer weekends at your country house!

Impress your children with portable sandboxes on the deck without worrying about keeping its integrity and beautiful appearance!

The Bruggan Multicolor terrace board is totally water-proof; it is also resistant to scratches and your pets’ paws; you will be able to remove paint and marker stains in a matter of minutes!

The Bruggan Multicolor terrace board is ideal for terraces and children playgrounds! It is created to make your recreation times and aesthetic tastes reinforce each other every time!


We will design the technical layout of the board on your terrace.