The texture and color of the decking. Which one to choose?

Terrace board WPC Unideck Cofee

The innovativeness of a terrace board is not only in its composition, which is actually unique. Indeed, when the first composite appeared, many problems disappeared: how to care for terraces and verandas, how to get rid of mold and fungus on the terrace, how to restore the surface and protect it in the off-season so that it lasts as long as possible.

Another advantage of composite over other materials is the ability to choose the desired surface and color of your terrace. Because terrace board manufacturers offer not only heavy-duty material that does not require careful maintenance. But also a lot of shades of the terrace and different textures of the coating.


Bruggan Multicolor decking colors

Every year, composite manufacturers experiment with different colors of terrace boards. Today you can find red and even green options.

Composite colors as close as possible to natural wood: Wenge, Cedar, Cooper. This is easily explained – the love of naturalness does not go away, but most people want a more practical surface for a terrace or patio, so they choose innovative materials, but the colors are similar to a wooden board.

There is also a very high demand for decking with shades of gray: Gray and Graphit.

A few years ago it was impossible to imagine a light decking board. Especially cream or white. Manufacturers competed in order to make the composite as light as possible and the quality remained at its best.

But today, designers have got what they want: incredibly delicate creamy shades have appeared in the Bruggan decking collections: Cream Latte and Smoke White. Cream Latte and Smoke White. And in the Legro Evolution collection – the first white terrace board Fashion White.

New this season and one of the most popular colors of spring-summer 2022 is Anthracite by Bruggan Elegant 3D light. This is an incredibly deep dark charcoal gray shade with an elegant sheen. It is chosen by those who dreamed of a dark and very textured terrace.


Bruggan Elegant Light 3D decking colors

Today, choosing the desired texture of the decking board is also not a problem. Manufacturers are constantly experimenting with the surface to bring the tactile sensations as close as possible to natural wood.

For those who choose classics, velveteen will be an ideal choice. This ribbed flat finish is in harmony with any exterior. Furniture of any style will also suit this texture of the board.

If you’re a kinesthetic and want the ultimate in pleasure from what you touch, you need the textured surface of a composite deck. Today it is the Bruggan Elegant 3D Light board collection. It truly conveys the relief of natural wood. At the same time, it has all the advantages of a composite: it can withstand maximum load, is extremely wear-resistant and protected from fading, mold and insects, and is absolutely easy to maintain.

If you want to visually see the wooden floor under your feet and have a terrace that is easy to restore even after such terrible troubles as scratches, spilled wine or marker drawings, choose the Bruggan Multicolor terrace board.

In her case, the manufacturer was able to create a bestseller – a full-bodied composite board that is easy to restore with ordinary sandpaper. Because this board has a unique regenerating surface. This was made possible thanks to the unique pattern and its bicolor color throughout the thickness of the board.

Firstly, thanks to this, you can quickly restore its original appearance, and secondly, it is visually difficult to distinguish the board from natural analogues.

Each season it becomes more and more difficult to choose a board for a terrace: colors and textures make it possible to abandon the use of natural wood in favor of a composite.

Woodplast recommends contacting our managers to choose the best option that meets your needs and preferences.

Recall that the financial guarantee for the terrace board Bruggan and Legro is from 15 to 25 years.