Terrace by the pool. What material to choose?

Terrace by the pool. What material to choose?

The most important thing for a pool deck is to be resistant to moisture. Extremely stable. After all, every season she is waiting for a huge test.

Therefore, you need to choose the material for this carefully.


First, you need to immediately forget about the wooden coating by the pool. Even if you spend all the time caring for such a terrace (leaking, varnishing, sanding and other manipulations), the tree will not survive even a couple of seasons, because it is very sensitive to moisture.


Much stronger and more durable than wood. He is definitely not afraid of water and will serve for a long time.

But there are nuances.

Firstly, the stone heats up very strongly in the sun and cools down in bad weather. Therefore, walking barefoot on it, for example, in the heat, will be problematic.

Secondly, the rock can be slippery, especially when there is a lot of water around. And this is very unsafe.

Thirdly, if you drop a plate or a glass on a stone, you will get a lot of fragments.


On a par with stone, definitely better than wood. But it has many of its shortcomings.

It heats up very strongly in the sun and also cools down quickly in bad weather.

Even the best quality tiles in contact with water will become slippery, and therefore very dangerous at the pool.

And the chances that your dishes will survive if they fall to the floor are also small.

Terrace board

Composite can be the perfect choice for pool area over other materials. After all, it is devoid of many shortcomings compared to the materials that we wrote about above.

Firstly, thanks to the components that make up the terrace board, it does not heat up or cool down as much as stone or tile. So, even in the most intense heat, you can walk barefoot on the terrace and not risk getting a foot burn.

Secondly, the composite does not slip. Even when it hits a huge amount of water. Therefore, it is the safest material for the terrace around the pool.

Thirdly, there is practically no risk that something will break on your floor, because the composite is both soft and durable material.

And lastly, the terrace board reliably conveys the texture and visual sensation of natural wood. At the same time, thanks to the polymers and additives (special additives) that are included in its composition, it makes this material ideal for use near water.

A composite terrace will last for dozens of seasons without any thorough maintenance, even in difficult conditions such as a pool, jetty or pier.

That is why we recommend paying attention to the Bruggan composite decking board, a material that has long established itself among the best coatings for spaces around pools and ponds.

We remind you that the guarantee for terraces from Bruggan is from 15 to 25 years, depending on the collection.