What is the difference between Bruggan decking and natural wood – Myths and reality

What is the difference between Bruggan decking and natural wood

Natural means the best?

One of the main myths that is always spoken by those who convince you to choose wood flooring over composite.

Today, in the era of innovative technologies, it is realistic to create new materials that are not inferior to natural counterparts.

After all, their main idea is to take all the best from everyone’s favorite tree and create a superior version of it.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest myths about wood and decking.


A wooden terrace is more natural than a composite one.


In order for the wooden terrace to serve for a long time, constant and thorough care is needed. It involves treating the surface with a huge amount of chemicals that will protect it from fungus, insects, mold and other troubles. After that, the tree must be varnished or painted on top to protect it from fading and moisture. And so, every new season.

From all these manipulations, the wood is “filled” with impregnations and additives and becomes not so natural. Touching such material, you will no longer feel that natural naturalness that is customary to talk about. Under your feet you will have impregnations, varnishes, paint, but there will not be the touch and feel that you expected (especially after several seasons of operation).

Due to its composition (60% wood, 20% polymer and 10% additives), the Bruggan terrace board is protected from the inside once and for many years. It does not need to be treated with impregnations and coated with paints and varnishes every new season. So when you touch a Bruggan, you feel more wood than when you touch a natural board.


Composite decking looks like plastic.


If you choose a high-quality composite, you will never feel the difference tactilely and visually.

Today’s production technologies make it possible to create an ideal analogue. For example, a full-bodied terrace board Bruggan Multicolor completely imitates not only externally, but throughout the entire thickness, the pattern of the rings of a one-year-old tree. That is why it is easily restored after damage – part of the flooded or scratched surface can be removed with sandpaper, and the pattern of the board remains the same.

Or the absolutely unique Terrace board Bruggan Elegant Light 3D Anthracite, whose deep embossed surface conveys the grain of the wood as truthfully as possible.


Wood is more environmentally friendly than composite.


To create a terrace from a wooden board, you need to cut down dozens and even hundreds of trees.

To create a terrace board, you do not need to cut down the forest. For the production of the composite, hardwood flour is used – these are crushed sawdust and other waste from wood production. Therefore, by choosing a composite terrace, you do not just create comfort at home, you help preserve forests, which means you leave your children with a cleaner and greener planet.

The ingredients that make up a high-end composite like Bruggan are also environmentally friendly. Therefore, children and animals can safely play on your terrace, you can walk on it with bare feet in any weather.


Therefore, today, an innovative composite is natural and environmentally friendly, no matter what myths you are told.